The Light House is a 24 hour, seven day a week program that provides a structured environment in combination with professional clinical services to support and promote behavioral change and recovery, while empowering the client to gain the tools towards self-sufficiency. Each client progresses through the program via a variety of services including, individual and group services, that are tailored according to his or her needs and capacities. Interpersonal and group living skills are promoted through community activities.

The average length of stay is 90 days for individuals and six months for families, with the possibility of extensions. The program incorporates substance abuse and mental health treatment with ancillary interventions, i.e. nursing education, psychiatric consultation/evaluation, medication monitoring, case management and job readiness training, etc. The program experience is designed to empower clients to make choices that will allow them to live safely and independently.

Five Case Managers with diverse backgrounds in counseling, mental health and case management work closely with the clients along with an Addictions Counselor, a Client Service Manager who manages the day-to-day program routine and Resident Assistants who work in shifts to cover the round-the-clock services. Other professional outside service providers are also provided as part of the Light House multidisciplinary team.


I have a new lease on life and a totally new outlook...with the help of The Light House and the path they have put me on, I can live a meaningful life..."

- Former Light House Resident and B.E.S.T. Student