Support Programs

Referral Services
Clients seeking services face a myriad of issues that affect homelessness.  The Light House multidisciplinary team provides case management and referral services. The primary case manager is responsible for coordinating the overall client success plan for the individual client. This includes identifying case management navigation needs, housing, job and after a psycho-social evaluation, referral needs for collaboration with other organizations or professionals..

Coordination with Community Agencies
The Light House has developed both formal and informal referral agreements with community agencies that provide services such as psychological assessment, diagnosis, medication, and emergency hospitalization.

Individual Therapy and Counseling
Individual sessions assist clients and monitor individual needs related to housing and job search, and dealing with issues not appropriate for a group setting.

Groups and Recovery Education
Group services are designed to offer a learning environment and to aid each client in internalizing and practicing new attitudes and behaviors while developing empowerment tools for self-sufficiency. Volunteers and outside consultants facilitate groups and/or seminars addressing addiction education, relapse prevention, homelessness prevention and life skills such as financial, budget and legal planning and Life Skills Seminars.

Anger Management
The Anger Management model used is a 12-session group treatment approach. The treatment model taught is a combined cognitive behavioral approach that employs relaxation, cognitive and communication skill interventions.

Grief Group
The focus of Grief Group is to create awareness among participants about the grieving process, i.e., its meaning, manifestations, grieving styles and how addiction complicates the mourning process. At the end of the eight- week group, the participants will be able to recognize grief and its manifestations, and understand ways to deal with their grief in a healthier way.

Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous (on-site and off-site)
Clients are introduced to the 12-step recovery program from the onset of admission (if applicable) and incorporate their Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) groups into their recovery program.

Life Skills Seminars
Group topics are varied and include issues related to the development of communication skills to personal finance planning; resume writing and job interviewing to leisure skill development. The goal of the life skills building group is to reduce the stress and conflict that often arise from addressing basic life issues that have been avoided during active homelessness.

Parenting Group
This group assists the client with employing interactive processes and skill-building strategies to promote positive relationships between parent and child (ren). Parents receive didactic instruction that focuses on enhancing their ability to effectively listen and respond to their children in age-appropriate ways and learn to develop essential parenting skills.

EmPOWERment Workshop
A 16 hour, four day workshop that is required for all clients that are admitted into the shelter. This workshop is focused on teaching the clients the importance of how they feel about themselves which is the basis for how they conduct their lives and achieve their goals.

House Meetings
House meetings are called on a weekly basis to address problems within the facility and to discuss new business such as policy changes, upcoming activities, etc.

Friday Morning Breakfast Club
Every Friday morning the clients are asked to participate in a one half hour motivational and inspirational conversation. Often led by the Executive Director or community leaders.

Career Closet
Supported mainly by volunteers, this program provides clothing and barber shop services to assist clients of The Light House and 10 other agencies in preparation for job search and employment.

Speakers Bureau
Clients interested in public speaking are provided the opportunity to be trained as public speakers and often accompany and participate with Light House staff at various speaking engagements.

Life Skills through the Arts Program
The goal of this program is to encourage, instruct and inspire homeless men and women to discover new communication skills, positive means of self-expression and stress management strategies using music, art, drama, poetry and movement as the vehicle. This program is offered in partnership with Rob Levitt and Creating Communities.